The Philosophy and Psychology of Eudaimonia and Virtue Conference

The University of Miami hosted a Conference entitled "Eudaimonia and Virtue: Rethinking the Good Life" in February, 2011. It was sponsored the University of Miami Ethics Programs and the Arsht Ethics Initiatives. The hosts were Brad Cokelet, Veronika Huta, and I. The aim of the conference wss to bring together scholars from psychology and philosophy to discuss the nature of eudaimonia and the challenges of studying it theoretically and empirically. We were very pleased that 29 of the most prominent eudaimonia scholars in philosophy and psychology joined us for a 3-day meeting. The Conference was very successful in bringing scholars together and promoting interchange. Following the attendees' enthusiastic reommendation, a follow-up conference is being planned for February, 2013. Stay tuned for details.

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